Monday, July 7, 2008

Celebrating the 4th.

The 4th. fell on a Friday this year which was great, and with Mother Nature deciding to play nice this time well, it was the icing on the cake! The weather was PERFECT. Not too hot, and not too cold, sometimes even being a bit chilly. Usually it is soooo hot noboy can really enjoy the nice holiday.
We started out the day watching the annual Mokena 4th. of July parade. I didn't bring my camera(I know, me without my camera...unthinkable, but no, I really didn't bring it. I have enough pictures of the parade). After the streets cleared and we could get out of the neighborhood we headed out to Mom's for a wonderful bbq... I think this is the only picture of Dave I have in which he is not giving me a finger gesture or sleeping....
Here is another one who likes to give that wonderful finger gesture when someone tries to take his picture. You have to really sneak up on Rob to get a picture without him doing that so just about every picture I have of him is from the side....
The kids were having a great time playing ball until somehow the ball got stuck up in the tree. It was quite funny wathcing everyone throwing things up there to get it down. Before they got the ball down, they got another one stuck up there so they had to get two of them down!

Kyle is like the hardest kid to take pictures of. He is in that stage right now where EVERY picture you try to take, he makes a goofy face. Those of you who have kids know this stage that I am talking about! I was pleasently surprised when I actually captured this wonderful shot of him WITHOUT that goofy pose.
Alyson of course doing what she does best....eating! Another thing she is good at...posing for pictures...what a ham she is!
Trying to play bean bags with the sun in your eyes is no fun. Unfortunately, Andrew did not have sun glasses so he had to use mine... The tables were turned on me here, I guess they are tired of always turning around and having a camera in their face...
I have to laugh when I think of how we started playing bean bags. We thought we would save some money and make the game ourselves, so Tommy made the targets (of course, one for Dale Ernhart and the other for Kelly's driver Terry Labonte) and I got the job to make the bean bags. Well long story short, I filled the bags too full so the first toss....the bag exploded! So Kelly and I quickly look online and find a place that sells these games out of their house, drove there and purchased new bean bags. Trust me it was funny!

Just had to throw this one in because I thought it was really cute! The kids patiently waited for the show to start and with each "practice" boom got more and more silly...

Finally after about six "ha ha...we fooled ya's!" the show began. I really didn't get that many photos this year beacause when I am taking them, I really don't get to enjoy them they way they should be enjoyed.

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