Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The big 4-0 birthday RAK!

One week from tomorrow I will be turning the big 4-0 and I am not liking it at all! I thought what better way to make myself feel better...a birthday RAK. It always makes me feel better when I am giving to others so that is what I am gonna do.
Use this sketch of mine to do a layout, you can do any size, you can flip it, heck, you can even use it for a card...just have fun with it. Post with a link to your creation and your name will be entered into a random drawing for a nice little RAK. If you have a blog, mention this on there and for everyone you steer in this direction you will get an extra entry. Just tell them to put in their post that you told them about this.
I will draw a name on December 3rd at midnight my time(central) so everyone have fun and can't wait to see your creations!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oops, forgot a couple....

Oops, I forgot a couple. This layout is a sketch from PageMaps. This sketch was really fun to work with.
This layout was for a challenge for the ACOT crop. It was to use a funny photo.

Let's go to the crop!

A Cherry on top hosted an on-line crop this weekend. It was so much fun. Friday night I spent the night at Kelly's and we cropped until 3:00 in the morning and up again at 8:00! The morning was supposed to be promising, but...BOOM! down came a huge tree branch and out went the power. Just as I logged on and got my stuff all ready to go. So we ended up leaving Kelly's sooner than we thought and came over to my house. We cropped again until almost 2:00 in the morning and started again at around 9:00. We cropped again until just about 7:00 when Kelly and the boys went home I got so much done this weekend...well scrapbooking that is....from the Fast scraps that had us making cards to ornaments to all of the wonderful challenges. I just had to share with you all the stuff I created. These first 2 layouts I did just before the crop but, I wanted to share them too...

This layout was for a challenge to be a serial scrapper. You had to take one thing you used on this layout and use it on two other projects. I chose the flower with the jewel and created two cards with them also. This is one of my favorite pictures of Andrew and I am sure he is going to be mad, but for some reason, I can't get away from using pink on layouts I have been doing of him.
This layout was for a Challenge were we had to choose things to create a crime scene. These items were then assigned products that we had to use on our layouts.
This layout we had to do a Challenge of someone being "Caught in the act" What better picture than this! I think this is one of my most favorite photos. Rob captured Kelly trying to take his picture at the same time he was taking hers. This picture captures total honest emotion and pure total candidness. I just LOVE it!
This Challenge was the hardest one for me. We had to add the numbers of our age together and then match that number with the corresponding color and do a monocramatic layout. I got YELLOW. My least favorite color. I think maybe I have one other layout done in this color. I really didn't have much stuff to work with so this is what came of it...
This Challenge was to cover up the evidence. We had to alter our photo somehow, using photo shop or putting embellishments or the title on our photo. As long as something was on the photo.
All in all, it turned out to be a fun weekend. Got to spend it with my sis and I got quite a few layouts done. Thanks ACOT for everything you did for us this weekend!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On a roll?????

I stayed the night at Kelly's Saturday for some long awaited scrapbooking time and...Yay!!! I got her to scrapbook!! Finally!! I only managed to get two layouts done, maybe if we would have devoted as much time to scrapping as we did snacking....
Well, I did get this one of all of us done. Can you believe this is probably the only picture of the six of us? What is even more unbelievable is that nobody is making a silly face! This is just a fun one of us girls and to quote the famous Jonathon Brandmeier.... This one I did a few days ago for a sketch contest over at A Cherry on Top. The sketch was provided by Jennifer...aka...sarawithers. If you get a chance go on over to ACOT and check out her gallery and maybe give this wonderful sketch a try while you are at it. The contest ends the 15th. of this month at Midnight.
I didn't think I would ever get any of the pictures from our Monster Truck adventure done but this sketch was perfect for these. Hopefully there will be more from that day because I got a ton of them!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Last night was Halloween, probably one of my most favorite nights of the year. For some reason I just love Halloween! I think I even enjoy it more than the kids do. This year was no exception, the weather was almost perfect...darn near 70. Yes, you heard me, almost 70 on Halloween! Usually Halloween starts off with some fighting with the kids because they don't want to wear a coat OVER their costumes, and who would blame them, but as mean mommy I make them do it. After the fighting winds down, then comes the attitude because all the preperation of making the costume look "perfect" is covered by a coat. Well, none of that this year, nobody had to cop an attitude because coats were NOT needed! Alyson stayed true to her name and morphed into my little "Aly"Cat.You better not touch her candy or she will not be a happy cat!Andrew on the other hand, I did not get to see. He is too old to Trick or Treat with his "mommy". He went with a group of friends....girls that is SCARY! It really hurt when we happen to run into him and he said hi to Rob and NOT me. Not only once, but twice. Talk about sticking the knife into my heart, but I had to put on my big girl panties and deal with it, I don't have to like it, but I do have to get used to it. The only picture I was able to get of him was when he got home and only in the house. I didn't even notice the spot we chose was pretty good and the sign on his door was pretty fitting to his costume....