Thursday, August 21, 2008

The end of summer...

Not officially, but to my children it is. Today they started school. It really did seem soon since our summer was really strange this year. This school year is gonna start out weird for them. They will go to school for 2 days and then off to Florida we go! Every year I have to take pictures of the kids on their first day and every year the file for Alyson gets bigger and bigger. Like I said, she is a ham! When I saw this photo, it made me smile, but, it also made me sad...the picture is perfect but it also reminds me of how grown up she is getting. She just loves to get her picture taken so I guess it is a good thing that scrapbooking is my hobby!
My green thumb kinda wilted this year. Normally I take her pictures in front of the other tree in our yard where I plant all the pretty colorful flowers but this year I really wasn't in the mood to plant any so her "photo shoot" was in front of the wilted and out of bloom day lilies. We even tried a new spot on the front porch as she anxiously waited for the school bus.
This one on the other hand wasn't as anxious. He would not let me take his picture this morning so I had to take it when he came home. Not as easy as it sounds. He reluctantly "agreed" to let me take his picture, as long as I did it in the backyard where he made sure nobody would see him.Besides having to practically bribe him for the photos, I had to constantly remind him not to make goofy faces. I can't believe he is in 8th. grade already. Now I understand when people say that they feel old when they see a photo or hear someone else's age. Seeing this picture makes me feel real old. Old, but proud of what a handsome young "man" he is growing to be.
At this point I think I am getting all the pictures I can get out of him.

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Terri said...

These are great snaps of your kids, Carrie!!!