Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A last look at summer...

Well, it's official. Summer is actually gone. The last week has been so gloomy and dreary. The sun hasn't really been out for days (with the exception of Saturday...lucky us, we had the perfect day for our Monster truck rally) and we had to break out our jackets. Time to pack up and put away our summer clothes and find our hats and gloves before it gets too cold.
As I sat here yesterday listening to the rain that fell all day I decided to try and cheer myself up by looking back at the photos I took this summer of nature and it's beauty. One last look before we shut the windows and close out what nature has to offer.
Besides my family, flowers are my favorite thing to take pictures of. Aside from the beauty they have to offer, they are the only things I can take a picture of and be positive to get a good photo. After all they are the only thing that will look at the camera and not make a silly face or have their eyes closed!
This photo was actually taken last summer. This was a picture of my garden. My camera goes everywhere with me. Even when I just go for a walk with the kids. I like to think there might be something interesting that I might stumble upon. This one was in the front of our house. It bloomed with two simple flowers that were so pretty and appeared as if they were floating with their stalks weaving through the day lilies. We never planted it but I am glad it decided to make our yard it's home.
These were taken on our trip to Florida this summer. There were bushes and bushes of these everywhere.
This one is my favorite. I just love the simplicity of this. Simple yet beautiful! I have no clue what these are but they were all over Disney World. They were so interesting looking to me I just had to take a picture. Alyson planted a rose bush last year and this was the only rose she got out of it. Unfortunately this bush never got the chance to bloom again because we forgot to cover it for the winter so I am glad I took this picture last summer. Just some more random shots through my neighborhood...
I don't know what has happened out here in Illinois. I remember when I was a kid butterflies. Butterflies flying all over. Now for some reason you rarely see them... unless you are in Florida. We must have seen about ten different kinds of butterflies. One thing though, they are hard to get a shot of. I did manage to get this one though...
My neighbors must think I am crazy. Walking around the streets taking pictures of their flowers...little do they know how much they cheer me up to look at them when winter gets here. We went to the forest preserve down the street from us and I was surprised at some of the interesting things I was able to find there. I was trying to get a close up of this bug, not sure if it worked too well. These I think are weeds. Weeds they may be, but I still think they are pretty.I told you I found some interesting things. I have no clue what this is but it looks really neat. I should have gone back to see what came out of it.
This one too, I just thought the layering of these leaves was really neat. This one I know is not a flower, but this was the view we got as we arrived to Florida. I thought it was weird that was a rainbow in the was almost eight o'clock at night. What a perfect way to be welcomed!

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