Monday, January 5, 2009

Rock Band Mania!

I hope everyone had a great and happy New Year! I had to work that night, but when I got home we got the party rockin! We had food, we had snacks, we had pop, we had Twisted Teas and we had Rock Band 2! It took me awhile to figure out how to play the guitar but I finally mastered easy. It got a little too easy so Andrew put me on medium and I still haven't figured out some of the notes. I can't for the life of me hit the red and blue together so he put me back on easy and changed it to break-neck speed. That is easy, but at the speed of medium to hard without the extra notes. It amazes me, these kids can't add multiple numbers in their heads but they can play nightmare songs on expert with the break-neck speed activated and score almost perfect?!?!? We had a blast, we were up until five o'clock in the morning playing this...can you say addicting! We could have played forever seeing as we have Rock Band 1 and 2, Rock Band Track 2 and Rock Band AC/DC for the 360...Guitar Hero Aerosmith for the Wii and Rock Band 2 for the PS3...take your pick, we are ready to ROCK!
Alyson rockin out on the guitar....Andrew having his turn on the guitar.... Even Rob played the guitar for a little while.... My nephew Matthew only wanted to play the drums, I guess it's a good way to bang on things and not get in trouble.... After Andrew quit hogging the guitar he played front man for a bit... Alyson still up and still rockin! I told you Andrew was hogging the guitar, my nephew Kyle playing the drums...


Theresa said...

hi. great pics. looks like everyone had a good time.. i just picked up a bunch of pics from the last year I had developed.. so.. i have endless possiblities to scrap.. =)

Happy Monday!

Angela J. Prieto said...

LOL! Great photos. Looks like everyone is having a great time!

Hey Carrie. I have a little something for you over on my blog. Check it out!

alyson said...

hey Mommy I love the pics of Kyle and Andrew.