Friday, September 12, 2008

Life's a beach...

And I mean that very literally here in Florida! Every where you go, there is a beach of some sort. We had so much fun "beach hopping". It was so neat because each beach had a little something different to offer than other.

Florida also has it's share of interesting creatures and I so gave away my secret of being a tourist when I tried to get a picture of each and everyone I saw! For the Floridians these buggers are normal and an every day sighting, but to me a native Windy City girl I wanted to capture it all...
I could have been in alot of trouble if I had picked this guy up. At first I thought it was a sand dollar and was so excited because it was one of my goals to find one. Thank goodness I looked a little closer before reaching down to pick it up because this was a jellyfish. The waves were so big these guys just kept washing up on shore.

These guys are no stranger to the beach either. It was so neat to watch them fly around and then swoop in on their prey. I thought this site was really neat, they were all over the beaches. They are sea turtle nests. They mark them off with stakes and tape with a stake marked with all of the dates for them. Too bad we won't be there to see them hatch.
We also got to see a little glimpse of the manatee also known as the "gentle giant". We saw better views of them but for being so big they were really fast. We saw several of them and they were really playful. We were told they were so playful because it was mating season for them.
Walking through the shallows of the water you never know what you will find and leave it to Theresa to find anything and everything. This snail was really neat, it really was alot bigger in person. I could not get a picture of him totally out of his shell, every time I tried he would "spit" at us. The waves were so big this day everyone had fun "riding" the waves. Not me, I had fun taking pictures of them being taken out by the waves.

The wind was also a factor due to the recent hurricane activity Florida was having. Andrew decided to be funny and show just how windy it was...."Look Ma, no hands!" Alyson is like her mother, once she got a taste of the salt water in her mouth and the sting in her eyes, she was done with the water. She is much more content sitting on the beach making sand castles.
Andrew on the other hand, just loved being in the water and riding the waves. Here he is taking a little break from "hanging 10"


Em said...

Great photos!!! I'm jealous, I want to go to the beach LOL! Those jellyfish are huge...! Looks like you had a great time!

Scrappin in my spare time said...

Oh what great photo's You gotta love the beach.