Friday, June 13, 2008

Getting ready...

Today hasn't started all that well. I am not feeling that great, I have to work, I have to make spaghetti gravy and to top all of that off I have to clean the house. My dad is coming in from Florida and will be coming over on Sunday. Everyone that knows me, knows that I am a slob and a major procrastinator so this is the norm for me...putting everything off until the last minute possible. I have a few hours today and not really too much time tomorrow(I work that horrible shift 11-7).

Guess what? Yesterday I was a STAR! My father's day card was chosen at ScrapAttack making me Star of the Day. Can you believe that? One of my cards! I really haven't done too many layouts lately, still trying to get rid of some scraps, plus to be perfectly honest with you, I really don't have too many good pictures. I really didn't get that many(which is a surprise)with winter and all of this crappy weather we have been having. Plus, I want a new camera!

I really wont have time today to get any scrappy things done so I figured I would just put up a couple of my favorite pictures of the kids. Right now the only good photo I have of my son is his school picture. He is at the age now where I almost have to bribe him to let me take his picture. Alyson, on the other hand, is always doing something and saying "take my picture mommy".
Just wanted to add....My house smells like my grandma's house used to smell. All those yummy smells of the spaghetti gravy cooking! YUMMMM!!!

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