Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A real challenge...

Alyson's card
My card

A good challenge in my definition is something that really makes you think outside your comfort zone. This card challenge at Caardvarks was just that! Really anything that has to do with cards is outside my comfort zone so please be kind! Alyson, my daughter has been trying to follow in her mommy's shoes and really wanted to get involved and do these challenges with me so we took her to Michael's last night and let her pick out some stuff to make her own card for this challenge. She had so much fun doing this and is so proud of her creation I just had to submit it to the challenge also.

At my scrapbook hangouts they all have bi-weekly, or monthly challenges so for each site I am going to pick the one that is most outside my comfort zone and post them here with my finished project. If you think any of them are something you would like to do, please feel free to do them and post a link I would love to see what you come up with. I will post later the other challenges that I am going to attempt.
Just wanted to add the card on the top is Alyson's who is 7 years old.
Mine is an invite, I ran out of ink in my printer so I could not print the info on the tag in the middle that does pull out.


stephjacobson said...

Both of your cards are awesome! I think it's great that your daughter wants to craft with you--I can't wait until my son is old enough to craft.

SmilynStef said...

I love the idea of creating with your daughter ... so glad you both joined the Caard{varks} fun together ... wonderful drink up! cards.

Jacey's Mom said...

I love your cards. They are so pretty. Thank you for the comment on my blog.
Take care,